I would highly recommend Marco, Lisa and the entire team. They were professional, knowledgeable and efficient throughout the entire process of purchasing a property in Turin. Marco provided assistance in finding the perfect property for us, negotiated with the owner, organised for appropriate documentation, inspected the property and ensured the entire purchase process went smoothly. Even after the sale was complete he was available for advice and to liaise with the agent and previous owner. Thank you for your patience and hard work to ensure we were able to purchase our dream Italian home from the other side of the world!

John R.

Marco and the entire office provided us with excellent service, demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to every detail of our home purchase abroad. From the negotiation to the closing the entire team worked closely with us to ensure that all legal requirements were satisfied. They conducted themselves in an utmost professional matter and clearly explained all steps in the process. Even after the closing they continue to support and answer any and all questions we may have and have even helped us with the transfer and connection of all the utilities and much more. If you’re looking to purchase a home abroad, we would highly recommend Permunian Law.

John M.

I’d highly recommend the team, they make things simpler from abroad.

Nick P.

I made contact with the Law Firm of Mr. Marco Permunian after contacting several other firms. This law firm is the only one which took the time to listen to my set of circumstances and help me with me issues in Italy. I highly recommend Marco Permunian and his team if you are looking for assistance in Italy.

Jane M.